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Pain-Free Knees & Hips

A few minutes of home fitness 

designed to restore your quality of life.

4.7/5 average stars from 1583+ users

The No-Impact Revolution in 

Therapeutic Home Fitness and Pain Therapy

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Scoop® isn't just low impact - it is actually GOOD for your joints by strengthening the muscles that support healthy knees and hips. It's NO IMPACT!

Lateral training has been clinically proven to improve balance and lower your fall risk. Order today and see for yourself why Scoop® is the world's #1 at-home fitness solution!

How Valuable Is Scoop®?

1800+ total reviews

Live The Way You Want

What Does Scoop® Do? 

Scoop’s patented technology focuses on the muscles that support and stabilize the joints, increasing mobility and flexibility

Why is that Important? 

When the muscles that support your joints are stronger, joints function better, with less pain.

What Does that Mean for Me? 

A few Scoop® sessions each week could quickly get you back walking, taking the stairs, biking, playing with the grandkids - pain free!

Understanding Scoop®

Millions of Americans suffer from joint pain due to arthritis, age, injury or overuse.

Traditional exercise doesn’t target the muscles that support the joints, and can often make pain worse!

Supplements are not the answer! We spend millions each year on supplements that have been shown to be ineffective for joint pain.

Scoop® is

The Easy, Cost-Effective Way to Relieve Chronic Pain

Online Exclusive Offer - $100 OFF Discount Code "SAVE100" ADDED TO CART✓

Strengthen Muscles That
Traditional Exercise Machines Can't

Scoop's bi-directional design helps you strengthen difficult areas like your inner and outer thighs

Bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals only work in one direction and can’t do that. 

Our patented, low-impact motion protects your joints, increases your hip flexibility, activates your core, and strengthens the muscles that support your hips and knees.

This improves your balance and increases strength and mobility while reducing risk of injury.

"Fantastic For Knee Support!"

I had ACL, MCL, LCL, and meniscus replacement years ago. Aging has interfered with regular exercise. Scoop® is just what I needed: no impact, good exercise like I've never experienced before.

Review by: Marie H.  | Purchased November 2021

Therapeutic Fitness & Pain Therapy - At Home!

Scoop® is perfect for

Chronic Pain and

Arthritis Sufferers



Those who want to safely reduce their fall risk & improve balance

Sleep Better, 

Move Better, 

Live Better

Scoop® targets muscles other exercises ignore to give you:

+  Increased mobility & flexibility 

+  Improved balance & circulation 

 A reduction in chronic pain 

 A great calorie burn

Free Live Classes, Expert Advice, and Support

No expensive subscriptions or contracts! 

Your Scoop comes with unlimited access to Scoop Facebook Community where you’ll get free classes and support from fellow Scoopers and Scoop teachers ready to help you feel your best.

"I Can Walk Longer and Farther"

Since using Scoop® each day for 30 to 40 min, I've finally been able to sleep through the night and it's helped made walking less painful and I can walk longer and farther.

Review by: Michael F.  | Purchased August 2021

Relieve Chronic Pain in Your Knees and Hips

Getting started with Scoop® is easy

Put Scoop® on a smooth, level floor at a comfortable distance (18-24 inches) from your seat.

Slip your feet under the black, elastic strap.

Adjust the tension knob to your desired difficulty.

Start your workout!

Online Exclusive Offer - $100 OFF

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One Year Warranty
Order with confidence
Hassle-Free Returns
60-day money-back guarantee
Installment Payments
Pay as you go, as you can

Zero Impact on your Joints; 

Huge Impact on Your Life

Scoop® runs circles around the competition

Online Exclusive Offer - $100 OFF

Discount Code "SAVE100" ADDED TO CART✓

How Fun Is Scoop® to Use?

1800+ total reviews

Therapeutic Fitness & Pain Therapy 

- At Home!

Start your workout by making smooth, sideways, circular motions with your feet.

Don’t press down hard like riding a bike. Instead think of lifting your knees!

Imagine you’re moving the hands of a clock with your feet - move the hand in a circle; don’t knock the clock over!

This ensures activation of all your lateral muscles and prevents the machine from pushing away from you as you exercise.

How Easy Is Scoop® to Use?

1800+ total reviews

Real Users, Real Reviews

See why thousands of online reviewers rave about how Scoop® improved their quality of life!

Donna S.

Purchased June 2022

I am not sore, I am more stable on my feet and can still dance.

At the age of 87.I decided to go slow. I have been putting in ten minutes a day, after receiving my Scoop.I am not sore, I am more stable on my feet and can still dance. Going to 15 minutes per day this coming week. Wish me luck. So far so good.

Angela S.

Purchased June 2022

. . . my go to exercise, and has helped strengthen my hip immensely.

I had hip surgery in 2021 and scoop has been a life saver!! It's so easy (and FUN!) to use I could do it all day lol. Since I can't walk anymore it has become my go to exercise, and has helped strengthen my hip immensely. I HIGHLY recommend it!

Elysa R.

Purchased June 2022

I can feel my legs getting stronger!

I have been scooping for a few weeks for about 20 minutes every other day. I can feel my legs getting stronger. It is enjoyable to use. Easy to assemble. Quiet. Only 4 stars because I wish it had a handle on top.

How Easy Is The Scoop® to Assemble?

1800+ total reviews

Don’t Make Your Pain Worse

Constant front-to-back motion - the kind you get on bikes, ellipticals, and other traditional exercise equipment - puts pressure on joints.

If your knees and hips are already in pain, these exercises may only make your pain worse.

Scoop® was built for lateral training.

It works your legs front-to-back and side-to-side, activating more muscles than biking, stepping, or walking and strengthening the muscles traditional exercise machines can’t.

By emphasizing your glutes and inner/outer thighs, Scoop fortifies the muscles that stabilize your knees and hips, giving you support where you need it most.

Get $100 Off For a Limited Time!
Retail Price: $299.99 Your Price: $199.99 
Or 4 interest-free payments of $50 with affirm

Online Exclusive Offer - $100 OFF

Discount Code "SAVE100" ADDED TO CART✓

A Revolution in 

Therapeutic Home Fitness 

and Pain Therapy

  • Improve knee & hip health

  • Zero impact on joints

  • Shape the inner & outer thighs

  • Improve balance to prevent falls

  • Burn fat & calories

  • Tone your total lower body

  • Work out at home

Real Users, Real Reviews

See why thousands of online reviewers rave about how Scoop® took away their pain and gave them their lives back!

4.9 Average

Mary W.

Reviewed from USA

on 02/18/20

Using the "SCOOP" gets addictive! The bonus is seeing the calories burned at the end of the day!

I was worried this product might not live up to the online information. I was dreading shipping it back as this would be a hassle. Also, my husband rolled his eyes thinking I was a "sucker"! Well, with anxiety, I put it together and had a rocky start. Then I watched the video and made a few adjustments which made all the difference. The pedaling soon became smooth. The cherry on the cake is that this exercise does not flare up pain to my compromised back and knees. I will continue lateral pedaling and hope to continue improving as my knees need to get stronger. My husband is not rolling his eyes!

Lynn H.

Reviewed from USA

on 01/02/21

Just what I needed

This machine is doing exactly what I needed. My legs have gotten so weak I can barely pick up my feet. I've been waiting for knee surgery which isn't coming very fast with everything going on in our country. Meanwhile, I have been doing a couple machines at the gym, but the gym keeps closing. Both shoulders are bad so I'm really limited, I can't even use the treadmill I have at home. This little machine it taking my a bit to build up to a good sized session, but it's working with little effort on my own.

Laura S.

Reviewed from USA

on 01/06/21

Easy on arthritic joints

Love my new SCOOP! I have rheumatoid arthritis and have become sedentary due to several recent flare ups. This machine coupled with the group classes on Facebook has turned my life around. I look forward to using it and binging on my shows while I get my strides in. Don’t hesitate! I have so many machines that have collected dust, this one is my new friend.

Terri H

Reviewed from USA

on 01/22/21

Excellent product!! 

I ordered the Scoop when it recently went on sale. It arrived in a timely manner, and was securely packed. The Scoop assembles in minutes and is extremely easy to use. You can feel the reaction in your muscles, and it's small size makes it easy to use just about anywhere. There are also helpful videos that are short and specific to what you are searching for. This product is absolutely top notch and truly earned its five star rating!

Sue A.

Reviewed from USA

on 01/28/21

Great lower body workout when you can't get to pool therapy.

I have several mobility issues and my right leg is considerably weaker than my left. I needed something (outside of aqua therapy, which COVID put a stop to going to the local pool) that might help me with strengthening the all the muscles of my legs. SCOOP has been my answer! I've only had it a few weeks, but each time after I finish using it my limp is less and my legs feel more stable.

Justin R.

Reviewed from USA

on 01/28/21

Great exercise/therapy equipment!

I bought this to help after my knee surgery 6 months ago. This was my second knee surgery and I wanted to strengthen my lower extremities. I'm 56 with Lupus and have other joint issues. So I try to stay as active as I can. I have another larger piece of equipment I work on at home. But I wanted this so I can use it when I have my "down" days I can sit and use this one. So far I'm LOVING it!

Mel B.

Reviewed from USA

on 01/31/21

I finally found something to help post knee replacement

I have had multiple surgeries on my left knee, including a total knee replacement. My recovery has been complicated with the development of arthrofibrosis, which impaired my ability to fully bend my knee. This machine allows me to strengthen my thighs and calves, while not worrying about hurting my leg on a regular exercise bike ( I cannot do a full pedal without turning my body sideways). My family and coworkers have noticed that my walking stride is more on point and getting up from a chair has been greatly improved! Thank you....I was so impressed with my Scoop, that I bought one for my elderly dad!

Diedre C.

Reviewed from USA

on 01/31/21

Easy to use & Sturdy

This is easier to use than one might think. Easy to put to gather. I haven't had long so we will see how my muscles tone and if it helps me loose weight in my thighs. Also bought to assist in rehab of 2 total knee replacements and broken femur. I believe it is a good purchase so far.

Jamell H.

Reviewed from USA

on 02/18/21

Good product. It does what they say

I like the machine. I am not fond of exercise so this was a welcome addition to our household. I can watch TV or read a book while getting the benefit of exercising. As others have said, I would like to have had a handle to transfer from area to area. For those with knee problems or replacements, arthritis or not being able to do a more detailed workout, this could be your answer to keep your body moving.

Sue H.

Reviewed from USA

on 02/24/21

More Mobility

I love that I received great information on how to put my Scoop together even before I got the paper directions. Thank you for packaging that makes it an easy process. The videos and classes are helping me to move forward quickly. My hip flexers are loving it. I had hip replacement last year and this is building strength without pain. I have a bad knee and it is getting stronger. So thankful I purchased my Scoop. I truly appreciate all the support provided!!!

Karla K.

Reviewed from USA

on 04/19/21


After reading reviews and watching videos, I asked my husband to get me The SCOOP for my birthday. When it was delivered, we found it easy to assemble. I have now used it daily for one month. It has done more for my legs, hips, and core than any other exercise or piece of equipment. The inches and weight is coming off. I use it first thing in the morning while watching the news on tv and checking email. I have noticed my posture has improved. The most remarkable thing is that I can easily workout for 30 minutes (changing directions every 5 minutes) and not feel exhausted or out of breath. I love this item so much that I am encouraging friends to look into it. My husband uses it, too. We will be taking it along with us in our RV on our travels.

Gail S.

Reviewed from California

on 08/17/21

Life changing!

Prior to getting the scoop I was having very serious pain in my hips and I simply couldn't sleep at night as the pain was excruciating to the point I just get up. Since using the scoop each day for 30 to 40 min, I've finally been able to sleep through the night and it's helped made walking less painful and I can walk longer and farther. I wasn't expecting that so I'm definitely looking forward to what other changes will happen for me.. I'm glad I bought the scoop its been absolutely worth it.